Dear President Biden, a new documentary film directed by Jon Bowermaster, shares the stories of leaders from the People vs. Fossil Fuels coalition and the fossil fuel resistance movement who are fighting to protect their communities, water, and public health. 

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After you watch the film, take action to demand that President Biden declare a climate emergency and choose people over fossil fuels!

Support the campaigns and organizations featured in the film:

Stop False Climate Solutions: Tell the White House that carbon capture is not a climate solution.

Consider hosting a screening of ‘Dear President Biden’ in your community. At 35 minutes, this short film is a great tool to educate and engage your community and take action to hold President Biden accountable to his climate promises. Sign up to host a screening, big or small, and we’ll provide you a guide with everything you need for a successful event.


President Biden is planning on rolling out  a series of disastrous decisions for more oil and gas leasing and drilling that will weaken our national security stance, and increase the dependence of the American people on expensive, unreliable sources of energy.

Instead of shutting down fossil fuel drilling on our public lands and off our coasts, he’s putting his foot on the gas and driving us headfirst into climate catastrophe, sacrificing all of us for fossil fuel industry profits.

Take action now to tell President Biden to halt the expansion of fossil fuel development on federal lands and waters.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • A year after approving more fossil fuel drilling permits on our public lands than Trump, the Biden Administration has announced plans to start selling oil and gas leases on 144,000 acres of our national lands in nine states. More will almost certainly follow.
  • The Biden Administration is also about to announce a new five-year plan for new leasing on millions of acres of our ocean waters.
  • Rather than ending fossil fuel development on public lands, as he promised he would, President Biden is expected to offer a series of weak “reforms” that will only keep oil and gas companies drilling, driving us deeper into disaster.

Here’s why it matters:

  • Let’s be absolutely clear: Avoiding climate disaster requires us to stop new oil and gas drilling on U.S. lands and waters now and begin phasing it out. Americans are already impacted by increasing droughts, storms, fires, and floods that are impacting food production, infrastructure, and putting millions of people in harm’s way, especially frontline and low-income communities.
  • Oil and gas prices are unpredictable year after year, and controlled by foreign fossil fuel industry executives. Clean energy prices are not only stable, but declining year after year. And with distributed, renewable energy, Americans will be able to control their own energy production. If we want stable energy prices, and energy independence, we must transition to a clean, renewable energy future.

President Biden must choose a side: People vs Fossil Fuels.

We need your help to push President Biden to choose people!

We must stand up and speak with a united voice against more drilling on public lands and off our coasts. Too much is at stake to remain on the sidelines.


On Monday, June 6 – after over a year of grassroots pressure from frontline leaders – President Joe Biden used his executive powers to invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA) to boost production of solar energy in the U.S. This announcement is a big win for our movement, as we’ve been pushing Biden to use his executive authorities on climate. While we thank Biden for drawing on our language for the executive order, it’s time to take it a step further.

Join us in demanding President Biden declare a climate emergency and stop the federal approval of all new fossil fuel projects!

The DPA is one of many tools the President can use to end the era of fossil-fuels and usher in a new, sustainable economy that keeps our communities, wildlife, and planet safe. In addition to solar, the White House said Biden will use the DPA to accelerate manufacturing of heat pumps, building insulation, and other renewable energy and energy efficiency components. This will strengthen the administration’s efforts to shift the United States toward renewable energy.

While we applaud these efforts, let’s also be clear about two things:

The DPA has previously been invoked to rapidly increase production of military weaponry that was used to harm other nations, particularly in communities of the Global Majority. We reject any calls to invoke the DPA for the production of more fossil fuels, military equipment and weaponry, surveillance technology, and border patrol equipment that will only increase harm and violence in communities of color at home and throughout the Global South.

We also reject the DPA being invoked to justify land grabs from Indigenous communities. Rapid expansion of solar energy production and subsequent mining for lithium in the U.S. cannot take precedence over rigorous environmental regulations and Indigenous rights enforcement. Governments and solar corporations must honor the treaties and uphold FPIC.

Let’s build off this momentum and keep pushing to end the era of fossil fuels. Send a letter to the White House and tell Biden to go big on climate action!