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People vs. Fossil Fuels 

This October 11-15, thousands of people are expected to take part in mass civil disobedience at the White House to pressure President Biden to declare a climate emergency and stop all new fossil fuel projects. 

Schedule Monday-Thursday: 

  • 8:00am — Demonstrators will gather at Freedom Plaza 
  • 8:30am — Rally begins at Freedom Plaza, March to White House 
  • 9:00am — Demonstrations begin in front of White House on Pennsylvania Avenue 
  • 9:00-9:30am — Civil disobedience begins on sidewalk at White House fence
  • 9:30am-12:00pm — Civil disobedience, demonstration, and potential arrests continue 
  • Afternoon — additional protests and demonstrations may take place in the afternoon 

On Friday: Demonstrators will march to Congress instead of the White House 


Here are some people to talk to about the overall mobilization: 

  • Joye Braun, is a frontline community organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, one of the organizations leading the mobilization, 605-515-4792,

  • John Beard, Port Arthur Community Action Network, fights oil and gas export facilities in the Gulf and is on the steering committee for the mobilization, 409-626-1179,

Here are spokespeople from different fossil fuel fights who will be in DC:

  • Siqiñiq Maupin, Sovereign Inupiat for a Living Arctic, is working to protect Indigenous lands and stop oil drilling in Alaska, 907-884-1859,


  • Sharon Lavigne, Rise St. James, recent recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize,  is fighting major petrochemical facilities like Formosa Plastics in Cancer Alley,  225-206-0900,


  • Julia Bernal, Pueblo Action Alliance, is working to protect the Greater Chaco region in New Mexico from oil and gas development,  505-220-0051,


  • Cesar Aguirre, Central California Environmental Justice Network, is working to end oil and gas development in California, 661-979-2721,


  • Taysha Martineau, is the founder of the Line 3 pipeline resistance camp Camp Migizi, 218-464-3082,


  • Tasina Sapa Win, is a Lakota anti-pipeline activist and a member of the Makwa Initiative, a camp opposing the Line 3 pipeline, 605-230-0989,


  • Crystal Cavalier, is fighting against the Mountain Valley Pipeline in North Carolina, 336-221-4084, ​​


  • Russell Chisholm, is lead coordinator for the Mountain Valley Watch and co-chair of the Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights coalition which is working to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline, 540-404-2727,


  • Juan Mancias, Tribal Chair, Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, is working to stop LNG export pipelines from running across Indigenous lands in so-called Texas, 830-391-7992,


  • Casey Camp Horinek, Councilwoman and Hereditary Drumkeeper of the Womens’ Scalp Dance Society, of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, is fighting for Indigenous rights and against fracking, pipelines, and plastics facilities in Oklahoma and beyond, 580-716-6780,


  • Ginny Marcille-Kerslake, community member and organizer with Food and Water Watch, is fighting to protect her community from the Mariner East Pipeline and fracking,


More Information: 

Who: The “People vs. Fossil Fuels” mobilization is being organized by Build Back Fossil Free, a coalition of hundreds of Indigenous, Black, environmental, climate justice, youth, and social justice organizations. 

Participants in the action will include leading members of the fossil fuel resistance, representing different fights that are taking place across the country, from the struggle against the Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota to the campaign against oil and gas export facilities in the Gulf Coast. 

What: The mobilization will involve five days of protests and civil disobedience at the White House and the Capitol, with the potential for additional actions throughout the Washington, D.C. area. 

Each day has the following themes: 

  • Monday, October 11: Indigenous Peoples Day.
  • Tuesday, October 12: Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis.
  • Wednesday, October 13: Climate chaos is happening now.
  • Thursday, October 14: We need real solutions, not false promises.
  • Friday, October 15: We did not vote for fossil fuels. Youth-led action.

On Friday, October 15th, the protest will involve a march to Congress, where participants will risk arrest on the steps of the Capitol. 

Where: In Freedom Plaza and at the White House and Congress. 

Organizers are establishing an outdoor action center at Freedom Plaza, which will be open 8am to 6pm every day, including for press. The area will be filled with signs, banners, props, and other art that will be used in conjunction with the actions. 

Mobilization spokespeople will be available for interviews throughout the day at Freedom Plaza. There will be an outdoor tent (with electrical outlets) that can be used for interviews. 

The action each day is planned to take place in Lafayette Square Park, in front of the White House. This will be an unpermitted protest and participants will be risking arrest by refusing to leave the area on Pennsylvania Avenue directly in front of the White House. 

When: The mobilization will take place throughout the week of October 11-15. 

Many of the lead organizers will arrive in Washington, D.C. the weekend before (Oct 9-10) and be available for interviews in the lead-up to the protest. 

Each day, the protest will begin with a gathering at Freedom Plaza at 8:00am. Participants will then march to the White House around 8:30am. The action will continue over the following hours, depending on the actions of the police. 

Why: Build Back Fossil Free is calling on President Biden to declare a climate emergency and stop all new fossil fuel projects. 

By refusing to stop major fossil fuel projects, President Biden has broken his promises to protect Indigneous rights, prioritize environmental justice, and fully address the climate crisis. 

Despite the President’s rhetoric, his administration has failed to stop major projects like the Line 3 tar sands pipeline, defended oil drilling in the Arctic, promoted fossil fuel exports, and allowed drilling, mining and fracking to continue on Native and public lands. 

Meanwhile, the impacts of the climate and pollution crisis have only grown worse. Hurricanes have devastated communities from New Orleans to New York City. Wildfires have burned millions of acres across the West. Historic droughts and heatwaves have gripped most of the country. And every day, millions of Americans, especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous People, breathe air and drink water poisoned by fossil fuel pollution. 

As the Build Back Fossil Free coalition has shown, the President has the executive authority he needs to declare a climate emergency, stop all new fossil fuel projects, and fight for climate justice. The People vs. Fossil Fuels mobilization is calling on the President to: 

  • Stop approving fossil fuel projects and speed the end of the fossil fuel era.


  • Declare a climate emergency and launch a just and renewable energy revolution.


A more detailed list of demands can be found at:

Groups involved in Build Back Fossil Free and the mobilization include, Indigenous Environmental Network, Arm in Arm, Bold Alliance, Center for Biological Diversity, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Climate Justice Alliance, Food and Water Watch, Fridays for Future USA, Friends of the Earth USA, Future Coalition, Global Exchange, Global Grassroots Justice Alliance, GreenFaith, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, Honor the Earth NDN Collective, Oil Change International, Our Revolution, Power Shift Network, Presente, Pueblo Action Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, Seventh Generation, Sunrise Movement, Unitarian Universalist Mass Action, WildEarth Guardians, Zero Hour, and more.