Please use the images to protect our water, climate and communities. Use to
make signs, online, etc.

Please credit artists and encourage others to also (“Art by Christi Belcourt” or
“Art by Jan Burger, Paperhand”).

There are artist statements below that can be used to highlight the artists.

All of these designs can be used for people to make their own signs.

Artist: Christi Belcourt
“No amount of money can buy back a people’s river.
No amount of money can buy back the sea.
Line 3 cannot be built.
Because we love the rivers.
Because we love the sea.
Because we love this sacred earth. We will defend our home.
We will defend our water.
Everything I do in my life is my love for the earth and my awe of it. This
wondrous planet, so full of mystery, is a paradise. Everything—the plants,
insects, winds, stars, rocks, animals, us—is a giant web of pure spirit. Nothing is
separate from anything else. All life, even the rocks, need to be treated with
respect. The sacred laws of this world are respect and reciprocity. When we stop
following them, we as a species are out of balance with the rest of the world.”
Instagram: @christi_belcourt Twitter: @christibelcourt Facebook: Christi

Artist: Jan Burger
Jan is the cofounder of Paperhand Puppet Intervention in Saxapahaw, North
Carolina. For 20 years each summer Paperhand has been creating pageants that
advocate for the earth and it’s inhabitants. Jan’s work has been focusing on
disasters in his home state of North Carolina: fracked gas pipelines, coal ash
spills, and deforestation from the wood pellet industry and from massive
housing developments. Jan believes artists should be in the forefront of making
change,”If we can inspire people with our beautiful actions then they may be
motivated to act as well.” Website:

Artist: Josh MacPhee
Josh is a designer, artist, and archivist. He is a founding member of both
the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative and Interference Archive, a public collection
of cultural materials produced by social movements based in Brooklyn, NY
( MacPhee is the author and editor of numerous
publications, including Signs of Change: Social Movement Cultures 1960s to
Now and Signal: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture.
He has organized the Celebrate People’s History poster series since 1998 and
has been designing book covers for many publishers for the past decade