Biden's test

The fossil fuel resistance comes to Washington, D.C.

JOIN US in Washington, D.C. To Demand a Fossil Free Future

From October 11 to 15, thousands of people will take action at the White House, participate in civil disobedience, and demand that President Biden choose a side: People vs. Fossil Fuels. Join us!

Stand with us

“We are asking you to stand with us. As representatives of communities who have carried the brunt of the harm from fossil fuels for generations, we ask you to join us in solidarity…If we all come together, put our bodies on the line in the name of climate justice, we may be able to change the course of history.”

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It’s Time

to End

the Era of

Fossil Fuels

President Biden promised to be a climate champion, respect Indigenous rights, and fight for environmental justice. But while he has taken important steps, he’s failed on the most important test: stopping the fossil fuel projects that threaten our climate and communities. 

Fossil fuel projects are a daily health and justice disaster for communities that live near them — especially Indigenous, Black, Brown, and communities of color fighting a long legacy of environmental racism and toxic pollution. Pipelines like Line 3, Line 5, Mountain Valley, and Dakota Access violate Indigenous treaty rights and threaten our land, air, and water. Fossil fuel development is damaging our public lands and sacred Indigenous sites. Fracking continues to contaminate our water and endanger public health. Expansion of oil and gas exports to new markets and major plastics facilities like the proposed Formosa Plastics plant jeopardize the health and safety of communities in the Gulf South and across the country.

All of these projects are pushing our climate to the brink of disaster.   

President Biden has the executive authority to stop new fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency. It’s the only way he can meet his climate commitments and fulfill his environmental justice promises. He must commit to doing so before attending the upcoming United Nations climate talks in order to ensure a just, sustainable future. This is Biden’s Test. 

Indigenous leaders and communities directly impacted by fossil fuel development have been leading the fight for our climate for generations. Now, they are calling on all of us to lend our voices and our bodies to the movement, participate in civil-disobedience, and demand that President Biden choose a side: people or fossil fuels?

Join us in Washington, D.C. this October.


Join the kick-off call on Thurs Sept 9

Fossil fuel pollution and climate disasters are already disrupting millions of lives. We deserve a world beyond fossil fuels: a world in which workers’ rights, community health, and our shared climate come before corporate profits. 

That’s why frontline black, brown and indigenous leaders are calling us to action at the White House this October to demand President Biden pick a side: People vs fossil fuels. 

We’re holding a huge kick-off call to share more about the action. Can you join the call on Thursday, September 9, to learn more about People vs Fossil Fuels?

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President Biden’s Executive Authority to Stop Fossil Fuels

Demand #1: President Biden must stop approving fossil fuel projects and speed the end of the fossil fuel era.

He can direct agencies in his administration to use authority under existing laws to reject fossil fuel projects. This includes:

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Action Info

People Vs. Fossil Fuels: 
Biden’s Test 
October 11-15, 2021 

President Biden has a choice to make: Will he side with the people or a handful of fossil fuel executives? It’s a test with results that will determine the future of our planet and the wellbeing of future generations that will inhabit it. We are putting our bodies on the line to ensure President Biden passes this crucial test. 

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Dear Relatives,

We, the undersigned, come from the trenches in the fight against fossil fuels. From fracking sites and oil wells, to pipelines and refineries, to plastic plants and more, we are impacted Indigenous, Brown, Black, and low-income communities living on the frontlines of this climate emergency. Over the years we have written thousands of messages to politicians, attended countless hearings, testified hundreds of times, and have placed our bodies on the line when needed, all the while our government continues to ignore the science and Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge and steers us toward climate catastrophe.

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About Us

People Vs. Fossil Fuels is organized by Build Back Fossil Free, a campaign led by hundreds of grassroots and national groups across the country. We’re coming together to ensure Biden becomes the climate president he promised to be. That means acting now to end the era of fossil fuel production, protect communities from the climate emergency, and repair the harm caused by fossil fuels.